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I had a realization tonight: If it wasn’t for my husband I wouldn’t eat nearly as well. Since I do about 98.4% of the cooking dinner in this house it hasn’t ever occurred to me, but it’s true. Robert is out this evening for some much needed relaxation. I was making dinner for Lola and myself and I found that I didn’t have the energy to turn our simple meal of salmon, baked potatoes and green beans into anything other than basic food. I thought ‘Oh, some chopped green onions and crumbled blue cheese would be good on these potatoes’ and ‘I should make a little sauce for this fish’ and ‘Mmm, some toasted almonds and sauted shallots would taste great on these beans’ but I didn’t do any of it. Lola likes good food, but she also likes simple food, and I wasn’t willing to go to the work just for myself. I am willing, happy, drawn to do it almost every night, because I am in love. I had the sad thought tonight that if, God forbid and knock on wood, I am ever a single parent I will lose all that comes with a partnership, and also my ability to cook in detail oriented way on a Tuesday night. This relationship has taught me to cook more than any class or book ever could because I have the desire to please someone. Thank you Robert, you are powerful motivation.


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